The selfless Love

Bright blue sky, at my place that day The unsteady signature interrupting my eye’s way; Making my thoughts soar on the golden days, A decade ago, the merriest phase.   Days when my grandfather was jolly and fit, Sowing the seeds of flowers amid; The garden that shone with bliss, Fulfilling a child’s every possible […]

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Limitless Power

Limitless power! Horrifying, terrific! Oh my God how can I do that? What if I fail, what will the people sitting there think about me? I will make a fun of myself! No, I cannot do that. Let me stay in my comfort zone and do what I am doing.  Yes! An easy life. I […]

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What’s the pain?

                                                                             What’s the pain? when alluring nature is with you; What’s the pain? when the lofty trees are supporting […]

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